We still like library books. And late nights on the back porch.

We think playing outside is cool and that being a tradesman is honorable. Handcrafted isn’t a buzz word here, it is the product of sweat, knowledge, experience and tradition.

Located in the heart of North Carolina, we are a family-owned and operated business that uses locally sourced wood and reclaimed materials to create custom furniture pieces rich in character. We cut lumber on our own sawmill, dry it in our own kiln, and process it on vintage machinery that fills our 70,000 square foot facility.

If your table has a metal base, we didn’t order it from a factory across the ocean, we made it. We may sound old school and that’s okay. We hope you linger around one of our tables with family and friends and know that you supported a bit of what some folks think is forgotten.

Reclaim: to retrieve or recover something previously lost, given or paid