Material Supply

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a single board to build a shelf or a contractor looking to source specialty material for a custom home, we are your source.
More than Reclaimed

We began conversations with local sawmills and sawyers in our community and found that many large specialty trees were ending up at their facility to rot or being turned into mulch. Some of these trees were too big to be cut on production lines, or the logs were not a species of wood milled or sold by most production sawmills in the area. Even though these trees were freshly sawn and not what we consider “reclaimed” material, we feel like we are reclaiming life for them.

We also salvage and repurpose large trees from local homeowners and businesses that experience fallen trees during storms, or trees that need to be removed due to age. These logs will one day become feature pieces for homes and businesses.


  • Straight line rip saw cuts
  • Planing
  • Wide belt sanding

It can be difficult to find stores that carry a wide variety of specialty domestic lumber. Even fewer facilities offer the option to add services to your material purchase. We can put a straight line on your piece of lumber, run it through one of our vintage planers, and process it on our wide-belt sander. Our large-scale industrial equipment paired with our skilled team of craftsmen allow us to offer the convenience of having your lumber processed to your specifications at the same place where you buy it.

Live Edge Slabs

In addition to reclaimed lumber and beams, we specialize in live edge slabs. We have a sawmill on site, so we cut slabs and dry them in our on-site vacuum kiln. This gives us full control over the quality of the log’s cut and the delicate process of drying the material.

Soon you may order feature wall material and beams directly from our website as well as review our inventory of live edge slabs. Until then, please call, email or visit us in person to inquire about the availability and pricing of our specialty lumber.

Please call, email or visit us in person to inquire about the availability and pricing of our specialty lumber.