We reclaim what matters.

This concept of reclamation runs deeper than our materials. It’s reclaiming the idea that there are still people who know how to build things by hand.

Our business began by reclaiming wood from old structures. As we learned more about what was happening to many large trees in our area, our business evolved to include reclaiming life for freshly sawn or fallen trees that would otherwise be left to rot or end up in landfills.

We operate out of a 70,000 square foot facility filled with vintage equipment, curated from the days when furniture makers once filled North Carolina. As factories closed and businesses move abroad in favor of making things faster and cheaper, we reclaim these old machines and restore them, along with a bit of our belief in the old way of doing things.

Before Raleigh Reclaimed could become what it is today, two distinct parallel paths had to come together.

Melody & Billy

For years Billy Keck, an engineer for North Carolina, traversed the rural and often forgotten beauty of the state’s countryside. He marveled at the abandoned barns and rustic mills and warehouses scattered across the fertile land. Inside these spaces he found breathtakingly imperfect woods, soulful and filled with rich character, sacred objects unearthed from the past. The curious craftsman was born and from his tiny shared studio and carport, Billy began to curate the wood he found and use it to craft charactered objects and furniture.

Meanwhile, Melody Ray was busy building her career as a business litigation attorney across the state. After years of supporting and guiding other corporations, she wanted to use her experience and expertise to create something personal–to build her own venture.

Turns out, Melody’s head for business and Billy’s heart for craftsmanship are a perfect match. For all their differences, the similarities run deep. They share small-town mountain roots, a fierce work ethic, and a love of design. Together, they embody the feeling and quality of working with an old friend with the capacity and breadth of a much larger, more sophisticated enterprise.

Their combination is like the products they make and sell—striking, distinctive pieces filled with character yet classic enough to stand the test of time and trends. Today, their three children are growing up in the business—spending their days witnessing the energy, dedication and passion of their parents and the talented craftsmen who have become their extended family. Together Raleigh Reclaimed is built on the belief that reclaiming what matters is a real and worthy goal.

Meet a Few of Our Craftsmen

Tree Planting Partnership

The National Forest Foundation works to promote the health and public enjoyment of the National Forest System through community and national programs. We have partnered with the NFF to promote and preserve the health of our forests in North Carolina and throughout the country. Here at Raleigh Reclaimed, we donate money to NFF for every sale we make so that one tree can be planted for each product we sell. We don’t cut down trees ourselves and our business is built on reclaiming materials from old structures, as well as large freshly sawn trees that might otherwise go to waste. Through our contributions to the NFF we are working to promote and preserve the longevity of our greatest resource, our National Forests.