Earth Day, Every Day

Every day we take trees that have fallen due to a variety of causes such as age, storm damage, development, or tree disease and divert them away from debris landfills. We give these trees another life by turning them into custom furniture and building materials.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, the wood “waste” generated ANNUALLY in this country’s urban areas alone could produce 3.8 billion board feet of lumber. Our work crafting items from these fallen trees and re-purposing lumber from old structures is just one aspect of our business’s sustainability. Our craftsmen make beautiful solid wood, heirloom-quality furniture pieces. A durable and lasting product means fewer disposable goods.

Ask your local municipality if they have a wood waste management program that finds higher-use options for downed trees on public land. Find out where the fallen tree in your yard is headed after it is removed. When you can, make the choice to purchase furniture from sustainable materials.     

We know that saving trees isn’t enough. For the last three years, we have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree in one of our national forests for every sale that we make here at Raleigh Reclaimed.

There is always more work to be done but today we celebrate the beauty of our Earth and the little things we are all doing to be kinder to our Earth. Thank you to those of you who have purchased furniture or building materials from us – your choice to buy sustainable products makes every day Earth Day at Raleigh Reclaimed.