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Your family has a story. Your home has a story. Shouldn't what you put in that home have a story? We think so.

Notes from the Field is Raleigh Reclaimed's own newsletter where you can read stories from us - stories of the materials, the people and the craft. 

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A Champion Sycamore

Dive into the story of a fallen state champion sycamore tree and the cast of characters who gave this tree a new life. We'll include details on how a limited number of our clients can have a piece of this history in their home.

Know Who Makes Your Furniture

Learn about our makers and their stories. Some of our craftsmen will share images and details of their favorite projects and designs. We'll even give you a peek inside our own home

Behind the Scenes

Read the story behind our table base names and the women, like Annie, who inspired them. Link  to videos of happenings and antics in the shop including tips for all of you DIY-ers.  Get a deeper look into projects in process such as our steel window and door systems, vanities, cabinets, concrete table tops that are crafted in-house and paired with our wood or metal bases, and brand new table designs.